Dominican flavors


Local products


Discover the richness of Dominican local flavors. Welcome to a world where the vibrant spirit of the Dominican Republic is encapsulated in every bite and drop. Our collection of Dominican local flavors offers an authentic taste of the island’s rich culinary heritage. Coffee, Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Vanilla, Honey and much more… 

Free tasting

Taste our selection of 100% NATURAL chocolates for free!

You can learn everything about the production process, from the bean to the bar. And not only the bar, we also offer the whole range of organic cocoa and chocolate products that will satisfy any chocolate lover.

Chocolate lovers


At Nicole Boutique, you can learn the whole process of producing high quality cocoa, how cocoa trees grow, what types are grown in the Dominican Republic, how the pods are harvested, how the beans are extracted, fermented and dried.
With our chocolate experts, you will discover each step in the creation of a chocolate bar. They will guide you through tasting several types of chocolate and you will learn to savor chocolate with all your senses.

Dominican cocoa


✓ Increase Concentration & Memory
✓ Acts as an Antioxidant
✓ Acts as an Antidepressant
✓ Protect from cardiovascular diseases

The Dominican Republic is the largest producer of sustainable organic cocoa in the world, exporting more than 70,000 tons of high quality cocoa each year. Our island is the ideal place for growing cocoa because of the rich and fertile soil and the favorable climate.

Dominican coffee


Chez Nicole Boutique offers you a complete range of organic coffees.

Dominican coffees are best known for their full body, moderate to light acidity, rich aroma, and earthy tones.

Produced since 1734, it offers a wide variety of coffee grown in the highlands of the country: mild Arabica, and, in smaller quantities, Robusta.