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At our exclusive establishment, we are dedicated to offering a distinct gift experience where we merge the authenticity of Dominican culture with elegance in every detail. For over a decade, we have committed ourselves to carefully select all our products, handmade by local artisans, reflecting the richness of our culture in each of their proposals.

We offer you the opportunity to elevate your next event to new heights. From intimate weddings to large corporate celebrations, we have the gifts you need to make them a memorable success.

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Want something truly special but not sure what to choose? In our boutique concept, you have a variety of options to pamper your guests or work team.

One of our suggestions is baskets, tailored to your preference. You can choose from different themes, for example:

  • A basket with ingredients for an unforgettable culinary experience, where you can include spices, traditional sweets, and edibles typical of Dominican culture.

  • A selection of beauty items for hair and skin care based on natural ingredients and local brands.

  • Organic products, such as coffee, dark chocolate, and liquors with exotic flavors like coconut, coffee, chocolate, or passion fruit.

  • A mixed basket. Include cigars, Larimar jewelry, or local crafts, and with this, you can satisfy all tastes.

Live cigar experience

Nothing complements an event better than a live experience.

At Chez Nicole Boutique, you will have the opportunity to witness the artisanal creation of our own brand of cigars, Reserva Cristóbal Colón, by expert tobacconists. This demonstration will add a touch of elegance and authenticity, creating unforgettable memories for all attendees.

Exclusive Marketplaces


Planning an event takes time, and we understand how busy you can be, which is why we take care of simplifying the search for presents for your guests. With our exclusive service, you don’t need to move; we come to you.

Imagine a marketplace set up especially for the occasion, with access to the best of Dominican craftsmanship and selected local products. From stunning Larimar and Amber jewelry pieces to beauty products made with local ingredients, or high-quality cigars, we have a wide range of options.

Moreover, what would an event be without a selection of exquisite exotic liquors? Think of the rich aroma of Dominican coffee or the sweetness of cocoa and coconut, our liquors will transport you to the island’s delights.

And if you have a specific theme, we are ready to adapt. You can choose from edibles to beach-themed marketplaces; we have options that perfectly fit your needs. Attractive discounts apply for groups. 

Dominican Market


We offer to move at your convenience with our variety of products. Our mobile store gathers personalized shopping designed for your guests.

No need to travel, we simply organize on site purchase of products that will please everyone. Contact us for more details.

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