Larimar Jewelry


Larimar Jewlery


We are particularly proud of our jewelry line in Larimar, the Dominican national stone. The Larimar is found only in one place on the planet: the Dominican Republic. With its color reminiscent of the sea, it is the ideal souvenir to remember your paradise vacation for many years.

The Larimar always attracts everyone’s attention. It is paired with several semi-precious stones and different materials.

This marvellous stone is the ideal souvenir for you to remember your paradisiac holidays for many years. Its turquoise blue will remind you of the sea.

Chez Nicole Boutique

Something blue, do you know this saying?

There is a saying that you should wear a blue item for a happy wedding. What could be better than the Larimar? If you are organizing a dream wedding in the Dominican Republic, whether it is a small recognition for your guests, or for a personal souvenir, we can prepare special packages and personalized gifts. At Nicole Boutique, you will find the perfect gifts that everyone will keep forever.

The wonderful stone


You will fall in love with Larimar! Created by volcanic activity, no piece is similar because each stone has a spectrum of shades of blue with its unique striations and gradations.

✓ Balances emotions
✓ Transmits positive energies
✓ Relieves stress and depression

Dominican Amber


A purely organic stone, called a solar stone, from a fossilized tree resin. The Dominican Amber is considered to be one of the purest and best quality on the market. This stone contains a lot of inclusions (twigs, leaves and even insects trapped by the resin flow), which gives it a unique appearance.

✓ Balances emotions
✓ Clears the mind
✓ Releases negative energy
✓ Helps relieve anxiety



Discover our Brazilian collection of handmade eco-jewelry, created with Amazonian golden grass.

This plant with a long golden stem is only found in the Brazilian wetlands of Jalapao and is protected by Brazilian laws governing the manner and time of harvest.

It grows without the use of pesticides or other toxic chemicals and has a limited harvest each year. The dried grass is woven and sewn into amazing pieces of jewelry, without using coloring pigments. Its main characteristic is its natural luminosity and golden color. These jewels are a unique combination of chic and natural fashion.

International Collection


At Nicole Boutique, we also offer a large selection of jewelry made around the globe.
Nicole’s passion for jewelry and traveling has allowed her to discover original artisans in different countries in order to offer her clientele works of artisans from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile and many others.
These unique pieces will make you fall in love with our store!