Natural Care



Discover a local variety of face, body & hair products created with natural ingredients extracted from tropical fruits and plants.

A purely organic stone, called a solar stone, from a fossilized tree resin. The Dominican Amber is considered to be one of the purest and best quality on the market. This stone contains a lot of inclusions (twigs, leaves and even insects trapped by the resin flow), which gives it a unique appearance.

Feel the essence of the Caribbean on your skin !



✓ Supports skin barrier function
✓ Packed with antioxidants
✓ Deeply moisturizes
✓ Easily absorbed
✓ Naturally contains Vitamin E
✓ Inflammatory

A wide variety of natural care and wellness products are created using Moringa. Discover our face serums, body serums, hair oil and a truly nutrient-rich ointments. This nutrient-rich oil is famous for its anti-aging properties, limiting the effects of pollution and toxins on the skin.

Coconut oil


✓ It hydrates
✓ It helps to protect skin
✓ It provides antioxidants
✓ It absorbs easily
✓ It soothes irritated skin

Coconut oil can be used for everything, from your beauty routine to your plate! It is possible to use coconut oil for your hair, body, face, teeth and as a cooking oil or flavouring ingredient.