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Chez Nicole Boutique and Happy Dolphins creates strategic alliance

Chez Nicole Boutique and Happy Dolphins creates strategic alliance

The new collaboration will benefit young Dominicans through training in swimming, lifeguarding, and water sports.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The prestigious boutique Chez Nicole and the non-profit foundation Happy Dolphins from Cabarete announced a strategic collaboration aimed at improving the conditions of young people and children from both localities, through training in swimming, lifeguarding, first aid, and surfing. Recognizing a common vision, the leaders of both entities, Mylene Henry, President of Chez Nicole, and Patricia Hiraldo, Founder of Happy Dolphins DR, decided to take the step and formalize this mission with a long-term strategy to foster a closer connection between the communities of our island with the ocean.

Since its inception in 2013, Happy Dolphins has aimed to make our beaches safer through high-level lifeguard training. “We have already certified 60 lifeguards and 6 instructors in Cabarete; we wish to drastically reduce the national drowning statistics. Considering we are an island, it’s alarming that only 8 out of 10 Dominicans know how to swim. The next step is to expand this training to the east coast and the rest of the island.”

For her part, Mylene Henry, originally from Canada, asserts that she has always sought to assist children in critical situations. “More than three decades ago, my family and I arrived from Montreal to Sosúa, Puerto Plata. We all feel strong ties to the community where we live, now in Punta Cana. Now we are happy to have established a company dedicated to the sale of authentically Dominican artisanal and organic products to foreign visitors.”

How it all began

When Nicole arrived in the Dominican Republic with her daughters Karyne and Mylene, along with her husband Michel in the 90s, she never imagined the fantastic adventure the country had in store for them. Not only was she captivated by the Caribbean beauty but also by its people and natural goodness.

“My mother saw the beauty of a whole world of Dominican pieces and decided to bring these secrets to the rest of the world; thanks to her, thousands of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans visit us annually. Every customer of Chez Nicole takes a piece of the Dominican wonders with them. That’s why today we want to give back a little of this blessing to our communities,” says Mylene.

Mylene is joining as part of a new generation that wants to be part of the solution. Her authentically Dominican trajectory considers that her success is intertwined with this land; elements that stand out are a local education, a great love for Creole gastronomy, and the mission to be part of the flourishing tourism economy. Her father Michel Henry from Montreal had a deep connection with the sea; in fact, he marked his success with a water sports company in Sosúa promoting the practice of kayaking, catamaran, jet skiing, and snorkeling. After Michel’s passing, the family turned to the world of tourism, representing airlines and hotel chains in Punta Cana, where tourism was beginning to boom.

Origins of Chez Nicole Boutique

Seeing that visitors were looking for local products, Chez Nicole expanded its activity to the sale of authentic local products. Thus, Nicole explored, learned about, and fell in love with endemic crafts such as larimar and amber; gradually, she added to her list products like cocoa, tobacco, coconut, and coffee; today, Chez Nicole is synonymous with exquisite products from all corners of the Dominican Republic.

Karyne, Mylene’s sister, joined the adventure because of her passion for customer service and her know-how in public relations; today, she serves as the General Manager. These pioneering women have definitely forged a home on this island and today feel truly Creole.

After 30 years in the country and a successful business for 20 years, Mylene, along with her family, today emphasizes her mission to give back a little of the good fortune that this island has gifted them, with genuine gratitude. This community aid turns into support for the HD cause, which precisely, just like Michel once dreamed, is connected to the sea.

A purposeful alliance

Chez Nicole’s social responsibility action consists of a medium and long-term plan.

Happy Dolphins, a non-profit entity endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, is dedicated to elevating the lives of children and young people on the north coast of the island, particularly Cabarete, Puerto Plata, with a mission to train and educate in swimming and lifeguarding.

Part of its focus is also the promotion of water sports; this through the world-class event in five disciplines Master of the Ocean, the only competition in the world to unite athletes from surf, windsurf, kite, Stand Up Paddle, and wingfoil, in tropical waves and winds. During this competitive international contest, surf enthusiasts, top athletes, and high-level


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