We have in store, some of the best rums from the most renowned houses. Barcelo, Oliver, Brugal, Macorix to name a few. We constantly train our sales team to the latest products.

Barcelo. Oliver. Brugal. Macorix.

On-Site Rum Tasting Will Surely Sparkle Your Curiosity!

The Typical Dominican Drink.

A combination of rum, red wine, tree bark, spices, herbs and honey. On your arrival, we welcome you with a tasting of homemade Mamajuana!

Mamajuana The Benefits.

It is especially famous for being an excellent aphrodisiac as well as for its medicinal properties.

✓ Relieves headaches
✓ Relieves toothache
✓ Relieves stomach aches
✓ Helps reduce the effects of arthritis
✓ Reduces fatigue